Vancouver Chiropractor, Dr. Marina Stoilov

Dr. Stoilov’s goal is to help you:

• Have Great Posture
• Be Subluxation Free
• Be Healthy
• Optimize your Well-Being
• Be optimally Functional
• Live pain Free
• Provide a level of care that exceeds tomorrow’s expectations

In order to better serve my patients, I incorporate a triangle of health model. To assess your health, I evaluate not only the structural, but also the nutritional, and mental components.

As a Vancouver chiropractor, I believe in releasing the inner power of your body. Everyone from newborns, infants, adults and seniors can benefit from Chiropractic adjustments. I regularly see office workers, pregnant moms, athletes, children, golfers, and those suffering from neck and back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, foot pain, elbow pain, headaches, migraines, fatigue, carpal tunnel, to name just a few conditions.

I use deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy techniques and Trigenics Myoneural Medicine in addition to traditional chiropractic adjustments, Thompson style adjustments and custom orthotics in order to facilitate the normal nervous system to body communication. This in turn helps restore function, relieve pain, strengthen muscles, correct meridian energy problems and accelerate healing.

Since health is not merely the absence of disease but a measure of the expression of life, it is also my goal to help you understand how chiropractic holistic approach can help you maximize your creative potential.

I will work with your existing health care providers or recommend other health practitioners and services for a holistic integrative approach to your health that addresses the multiple causes of your symptoms and not only the symptoms.

The care that you will receive will be tailored to your individual needs. You will feel confident and will be able to relax and enjoy a peaceful and safe environment.

Please don’t delay as the majority of health conditions tend to worsen or recur without the appropriate care. Schedule a complimentary consultation or your initial comprehensive health examination and a treatment.

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