Trigenics Myoneural Medicine is based on neuromuscular re-education which relieves pain and restores function.

It uses breathing biofeedback and stretch/resistance activated neurological reflexes to reset the nerve to muscle communication.It is different from other myofascial release therapy techniques in that with it, the nervous system is treated to reset the way the brain communicates with  the rest of the body, which includes the muscles and organ systems.

When muscles are injured or tight, they are ‘neurologically inhibited’ because they stop receiving and sending proper nerve reflex signals to the brain. In this state, muscles do not stretch or strengthen fully with exercise and/or rehabilitation and are more likely to get injured, tight and sore. 

Neurological inhibition is not corrected by mechanical deep tissue massage or muscle stripping therapies. This is where neuromuscular re-education can provide the missing link and reset the neuromuscular communication. As a result, joints begin to move properly again and muscle adhesions and ‘knots’ become more easily correctable with massage and soft tissue release techniques. If neurological inhibition is not corrected, the bones in the spine and other joints can become restricted again following joint manipulation.