Strong Link Between Injuries And ADD/ADHD

The November 7, 2008 online issue of the British Medical Journal reports on a study finding showing a strong link between head injury and the development of ADD/ADHD.
The study involved 62,000 children in the United Kingdom. It found that children under the age of two who suffered either head or burn injuries had nearly double the risk of developing ADD/ADHD. However, the head injury children developed ADD/ADHD earlier and at a higher rate than the burn injury children.
Previous studies have shown that injury in general is more common in children with ADD/ADHD, and that moderate to severe traumatic brain injury in school age children results in the development of ADD/ADHD. However, the research doesn’t show which came first, the injury or the ADD/ADHD.
Another finding of the study was that children who had a head injury after the age of two had a greater likelihood of being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD before their 10th birthday.
Commentary: What’s the chiropractic connection with this study? A case study in the October 2004 Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that a 5 year-old child with ADD/ADHD and a loss of the normal neck curve had her symptoms clear up after the loss of curve was corrected with a short course of chiropractic care.
Previous studies have shown that correcting a loss of the normal neck curve, which can occur from head injuries can lead to spinal trauma in form of vertebral subluxations.. While this article doesn’t say which comes first, the injury or the ADD/ADHD, it does open the door for future study into the relationship between injury and neurological development.

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