Dr Marina Stoilov, Vancouver Chiropractor

Dr. Stoilov’s passion in life to help people heal and achieve a greater state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. She is an Honors graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She is also an Honors graduate of the University of Toronto and holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, A Bachelor in Exceptionality in Human Learning and a Minor Bachelor in English Literature.

As a child, Dr. Stoilov had a fascination with the concept of helping people heal, especially through the application of touch. Specifically, she has always wanted to practice in a holistic non-medical setting.

When in university, Dr. Stoilov read a pamphlet on chiropractic defining the term ‘chiropractic’ as ‘practicing by hand’ and fell in love at first sight with the concept and the profession. That is when she knew this was going to be her life-long passion. To this day, she feels blessed to have the tools given to her by chiropractic to help others.

Dr. Stoilov has been practicing at Sinclair Wellness Centre in downtown Vancouver since 2009 and she enjoys providing holistic wellness services to people and families of all ages.

She has a special interest in autoimmune conditions, adrenal fatigue and revitalizing the gut with healing foods and the GAPS diet and she believes that Hippocrates was right when he said that ‘all disease begins in the gut.’

When not practicing her favorite hobby – chiropractic, Dr. Marina is at the beach in the summer and enjoying nature outdoors all year long with her partner. She also loves blogging about gut healing foods and recipes, learning new languages, reading and watching her favorite sci-fi shows.

Dr. Stoilov’s Mission:

“It is my passion to educate our communities that Health Comes From Within and it is my mission to empower people to know that they hold the key to their health and not the medical establishment. Current research is demonstrating that chiropractic care is effective in helping the body’s inborn ability to heal itself from back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, painful joints, shoulders, hips, immune disorders, digestive problems, fatigue, menstrual difficulties, and childhood conditions such as chronic ear aches, asthma, bed-wetting, colic, and growing pains, just to name a few.”