One of My Favourite ‘Quickie’ Desserts

Sunday’s ‘quickie’ dessert was… black chia organic pudding with vanilla coconut cream. So easy and so good for you when you are craving something sweet but you have been a good girl and had your dark chocolate early in the day and opt for a calming vanilla decadence at night. Ahh.

Dinner dessert . . . → Read More: One of My Favourite ‘Quickie’ Desserts

Three Benefits of Lucuma

Lucuma is a superfruit that tastes amazing in ice cream!

Lucuma is a superfruit that grows in cool and dry climate in Peru and is known as Gold of the Incas. It is rich in minerals such as phosphor, calcium and magnesium and good for bone strength. It also has wound healing, anti-aging . . . → Read More: Three Benefits of Lucuma

What is damaging our gut and turning our immune system against us?

Please, read this article and ask me how to find out if you are being affected even if you don’t feel it!

Homemade Gluten Free Pizza in Less Time Than You Put the Kids to Bed!

Last night I had one of my Eureka food moments that I enjoy so much. After having had a most dis satisfying experience with Udi’s GF frozen pizza (how can anyone honestly ever enjoy frozen pizza really?) I decided to make homemade pizza using the new GF tortillas I got at Whole Foods.

. . . → Read More: Homemade Gluten Free Pizza in Less Time Than You Put the Kids to Bed!

Vegetarian Risotto Recipe

Risotto Recipe

Here is a healthy and incredibly quick vegetarian risotto recipe that can be made on its own or as a side dish.

Easy vegetarian risotto

1 cup organic brown rice 2 cups of water 5 small or 3 medium organic red beets organic soy sauce truffle oil black pepper Sour cream . . . → Read More: Vegetarian Risotto Recipe

Strong Link Between Injuries And ADD/ADHD

The November 7, 2008 online issue of the British Medical Journal reports on a study finding showing a strong link between head injury and the development of ADD/ADHD. The study involved 62,000 children in the United Kingdom. It found that children under the age of two who suffered either head or burn injuries had . . . → Read More: Strong Link Between Injuries And ADD/ADHD

Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts are so good it is hard to believe they are so good for you! And good for you they are.

Hemp hearts are the inner de-shelled part of hemp seeds,  Cannabis Sativa, which arguably translates from Latin as ” most perfect food.” The seeds are nowadays also becoming known as  “perfect” food . . . → Read More: Hemp Hearts

Matcha Madness

I have always been a lover of Japanese language, food, culture and traditions. All cultures have something unique and beautiful that distinguishes them from all others but I find Japanese culture especially captivating.

In honor of the victims of the heart-rending natural disaster currently happening in Japan, this month I am holding the people . . . → Read More: Matcha Madness

The Dangers of Decaf Coffee

How many of you drink decaffeinated coffee and for what reasons? While I admit I have not researched the topic, off the top of my head, the predominant group would probably be pregnant women rather than health-conscious ‘freaks’ like me. We all know caffeine is a stimulant, a diuretic and also addictive. But I . . . → Read More: The Dangers of Decaf Coffee

Necessary Natto

Did you know that natto is  the only safe way to eat soy other than soy sauce and miso? That is because natto is fermented, which degrades the phytic acid found in, unlocking the nutrients in the bean. Phytic acid is an anti-nutrient – that is, it hinders absorption of nutrients in the stomach . . . → Read More: Necessary Natto!