Patient Testimonials and Recommendations

After experiencing 6 weeks of lower back pain, the pain was interfering with my ability
to sleep, exercise, and with my well-being in general. The pain got so severe that I
decided to try Chiropractic for the first time in my life. One phone call changed my
life beyond my back pain. I knew that if I went to see my family doctor, I would likely
be given something for pain relief but nothing more.
I was impressed with the comprehensive health assessment questionnaire and by the questions Dr. Stoilov asked me to pinpoint what had led to my injury. After determining
what was wrong, she reassured me quickly that she would be able to help me. After
a 30 minute initial treatment, my pain was significantly reduced. I was amazed with the results and so relieved! I appreciated Dr. Stoilov’s gentle, caring approach, and her explanation of how the procedures were helping me. I went for a few follow-up visits to
get rid of a small amount of residual pain. After only a short period of time, I was finally
able to get on with life. Later on, I returned to Dr. Stoilov for tendinitis in my wrist with
great results once again.I feel very at ease discussing my overall health with Dr. Stoilov. During one visit,
I mentioned the digestive problems I have had for a long time and said I had been
recently diagnosed by a physician to have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and had been
given a medication to help with the symptoms. She referred me to a Naturopathic
Physician. As it would turn out, this changed my life completely as I found out I am
gluten intolerant. After modifying my diet and taking some supplements to support
small intestine healing, I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my quality of life.

It is so refreshing to see communication between health care providers. This is key to receiving consistent, coordinated, and individualized care. When I see Dr. Stoilov,
I feel as though I am seen as a whole person. She appreciates how the body and mind
are interconnected, which helps get to the root of issues and beyond merely treating symptoms.

H.R., Nurse, North Vancouver

“Her passion for people’s health and well being is obvious in everything she does.
Marina truly does have a gift to help people with their wellness program.”

C. G., North Vancouver

“I was always skeptical about seeing a chiropractor until I woke up with excruciating
pain in my lower back. I was willing to try anything to relieve the pain. After just one
session with Dr. Marina I already felt a difference, and after the second session,
my pain was gone completely. I recommend her services to anyone, especially those
with reservations about chiropractors – her gentle approach will ease your mind and
your pain!”

J. S., Vancouver

“Dr. Stoilov has assisted tremendously with my chronic back pain issues. She is
sensitive, caring and very competent. I most appreciate her recognition that
chiropractic services are one of many tools to manage back pain.  For example,
she encourages me to pursue Pilates and other exercise in addition to regular
chiropractic treatment to provide relief for my back pain and to make my back
stronger. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Stoilov.

A.A. Lawyer, Vancouver

“I have been seeing Marina now for only a few treatments and I have felt major results.
Marina not only relieves my pain but she actually explains the problem, what she is
doing and how she can help. She is also educating me on how I can keep my body
healthy to avoid future problems. For example, she got me excited to start a Pilates
program and now I feel major benefits in preventing my back pain. I truly believe Marina’s
service is excellent. The reason I say this with such confidence is because I had seen
two previous chiropractors for over a year with no results. I am truly grateful for what
Marina has done for me.”

R. G., North Vancouver

“I find Dr. Stoilov to be very informative and effective. She explains procedures as
she does them, which I, personally, find both interesting and helpful. I also feel that
her treatments are holistic. She looks at the health of her patients from both a spiritual
and physical perspective. Finally, she is very pleasant and sweet. I always leave feeling
better than when I went in.”

M. F., Dancer, North Vancouver

“Dr. Stoilov’s treatment was the best chiropractic treatment I’ve ever had.”

M.M., Shiatsu Therapist, Vancouver

“Best chiropractic treatment I’ve ever had.”

R.B., Chiropractor, Vancouver

“Thank you very much for your treatment, I found your demeanor and skills to be exceptional. I was especially pleased that you explained the treatment processes and the effects the techniques have on my body. I am happy to recommend you to anyone who seeks careful attention to their health needs.”
D. O., Writer, Vancouver

“Marina is great! Marina explains in simple terms what is possibly causing my pain/discomfort. She treats the muscles that are causing my vertebrae to be misaligned with a simple yet effective technique. Once the tissue releases then she adjusts my back and neck. One thing that sets her apart from other chiropractors I’ve seen is that she takes her time with me. My first treatment was 45 minutes and times afterwards have been a minimum of 15-20 minutes. She’s quiet, kind, informative and caring! Any time I have come to her in pain, she always finds it and alleviates my discomfort. Thanks for helping! GREAT JOB! “

R. L., RMT, Burnaby

“Dr. Stoilov gave me a great treatment – I walked out feeling brand new! She’s very professional and knowledgeable, and was able to point out some important things out for me. Thanks Marina!”

S. K., Web Designer, Vancouver

“Having been for massage therapy before at the Sinclair Wellness Centre, when I developed severe headaches Toby Neumann recommended that I try a few chiropractic sessions. I hadn’t been to a chiropractor before and I was quite nervous. The lengthy intro session with Marina was incredible. She spent 90 minutes determining what was wrong, and then appointments over the next few months slowly manipulating my body until I actually had nearly almost full mobility back in my neck…something that after a car accident and years of computer work I didn’t expect to happen. Marina has a true holistic approach, provides tips on natural supplements and at home exercises to continue healing. Can’t wait to get back to Vancouver for my next visit.?”

D.B., Vancouver

Marina is without a doubt the best chiropractor I have seen. She does incredible work on the muscles so when it’s time to do an adjustment it’s effortless, “piece of cake”. I find most chiropractors don’t take the time, rushing throug the crucial prep muscle work and get to the adjustment too fast, which makes it a bit tense. With Marina you’re very relaxed going into an adjustment. I never feel rushed and always feel good after a session.?

B.P., West Vancouver, BC

“Finding Dr Marina Stoilov and Sinclair Wellness Centre was fantastic. Marina is a caring professional who doesn’t just ‘crack your back’ but treats you wholistically, helping you find complementary health professionals who can help you more specifically if needs be. She is always smiling and takes her time with her patients so you never feel like you’re being rushed out the door. The only reason we stopped seeing Marina is because we moved away from Vancouver, back to Australia. Both my husband and I were ‘regulars’ and we recommended her to our friends!?”

S.T., Brisbane, Australia

“I felt looser and stood more upright after my first treatment.”

T. L., Vancouver

“Very effective and professional, I highly recommend her.”

M.B., Vancouver

“Marina cares about all your aches & pains , as a whole body issue . She addresses to the main cause by gradual manipulations that give you that ” good pain ” of relief. You totally understand her journey towards your deep healing by feeling the comfort that Marina is delivering with all her heart & knowledge. She is amazing! Give your body a Chiro-favour by seeing Dr. Marina Stoilov sooner rather than later ! Don’t wait for PAIN to make the call!”

G. E., Vancouver

“Don’t miss a treatment with Dr. Marina Stoilov. She is the most completely reliable, compassionate and caring Chiropractor who is giving you the joy in your life back.?”

A. S., Toronto

“Marina took time to relax my soft tissue, assess and correct my posture and do any manipulations necessary but never forces it. She takes time with you and this I found very unique compared to other chiropractors I have been to. Thanks, Marina, I would recommend her to anyone.?”

T. N., Acupuncturist, Vancouver

“I had put my back out and had no idea what triggered it. Dr. Stoilov was available to treat me at Sinclair Wellness Centre and I could not believe how much it helped! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants fast results.?”

T. N., RMT, Vancouver

“You truly are a holistic practitioner and a wonderful person. I am blessed to have found you.”

M. B., Vancouver

“My neck is in great shape and I am feeling wonderful. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your help whilst I was in Vancouver- you are a credit to your profession and every client who is lucky enough to visit you.”

J. B., Proprietor, Banff, BC