Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy is an important time to get chiropractic care both in the pre-natal and post-partum stages.It is a time when the mother-to-be experiences rapid weight gain and hormonal loosening of muscles, ligaments and connective tissues to accommodate for the birthing process. Both of these changes in turn lead to postural changes and changes in sleep patterns and positions.

Postural changes include increased spinal curves, flattening of the feet, spinal misalignments and pelvic imbalances all of which also lead to increased muscle fatigue and stress on all joints and ligaments. All of these as well as the pressure of the baby on the spine can cause pain in the back, buttocks and legs.

Studies have shown that women who have chiropractic care throughout their pregnancies may have shorter and less painful labor, with fewer complications and interventions. When the spine and the pelvic bones are aligned with chiropractic care, the pressure on the big ligaments which support the uterus and connect to the pelvis is even.

If the pelvic ligamentous pressure is uneven, that can affect the baby’s positioning, thus preventing the optimum position for birth and leading to longer, more painful labor and increased need for medical intervention.

Chiropractic can alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms arising from the muscular, ligamentous, and biomechanical stresses encountered during pregnancy. Chiropractors accomplish this through the use of highly specialized gentle adjustments, soft tissue techniques, strengthening exercises, stretches, and pregnancy, dietary and nutritional counselling, all of which are individualized to fit the specific needs of each pregnant woman.

The frequency of care varies for each individual, and typically, regular care during a non-complicated pregnancy will range from once per week to once per month.