The key to looking young and staying young

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Has Your Chiropractor Assessed Your Posture Lately?

Your posture has two distinct components: the first is a largely unconscious component, which is the spinal curves and body shape and type that you have been born with and also gradually acquired over time. The second component is your conscious effort (or lack of effort) to maintain proper alignment.

The first component . . . → Read More: Has Your Chiropractor Assessed Your Posture Lately?

Have Good Posture, Be Well

Good posture is so incredibly important in our lives that it is a wonder how little we know about it and how little emphasis our society puts on it. Posture is important for so many reasons: it creates a first impression of who we are as a person and how confident we are, it . . . → Read More: Have Good Posture, Be Well

10 Ways to De-Stress

Are you having trouble dealing with stress in your life? This article teaches you ten simple ways to de-stress and rejuvenate.

The first simple way to reduce stress is to counter the effects of inadequate sunlight. Lack of adequate sunlight can happen even in the summer, and is known to lead to Seasonal Affective . . . → Read More: 10 Ways to De-Stress

Breathing - A Doorway to Health

Breathing is such an unconscious process that it is easy to ignore its importance. To breathe or not to breathe is not a difficult choice. After all, we don’t have to think about taking the next breath and thank goodness! But to breathe properly or not, that choice can be the difference between health . . . → Read More: Breathing – A Doorway to Health